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baltimore website designVirus & Spyware Removal - How many different virus types do you think are out there? Well, let's see, there is Maleware, Spyware, Trojans, Worms, File Infectors, Logic Bombs, Resident Virus, Direct Action Virus, Adware and many more. Did you know that there are more than 80,000 new viruses and virus updates introduced everyday. On top of this there is NO ONE Anti-Virus that can get them all, no matter what they say. These types of viruses can slow down your computer and even set it up as a drone computer to launch to new computers. We have the experience needed to remove all of these and get your computer back to it's original factory Virus Free Standard.

These are just a few images of what a Virus "May" look like. Sometimes they take on the form of an Anti-Virus Program that is fake and will ask you for your credit card information in order to remove the virus. DO NOT ENTER YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION! If you do, your could be in SERIOUS trouble and it would be a good idea to cancel your credit card IMMEDIATELY!

We have the ability to SAFELY remove viruses like these without harming your data and most removals finish within 2 hours. We can also install a FREE Anti-virus program, such as AVAST or AVG. We say this because there is NO reason to pay for an Anti-virus program, ever!

Please understand that there is NO ONE Anti-Virus program that can protect you from Every Virus out there. Since this is the truth, why would you pay someone to try to protect you from the common cold? You can't, but you can pay the doctor to cure you fast.

So, when you need Fast, Reliable and REAL Virus removal, call us. We are the experts.

Expanded Services
** $79 Remote Removal or $99 On-site Removal. Most Removals Completed In 2 Hours & Can Be Completed The Same Day**

baltimore website designBSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) - When this happens, it is over. We recommend that you NOT touch your computer and allow a professional technican to see it (no matter who it is). The BSOD is your computers way of shutting down to prevent any additional problems, both phyiscal and software related. Sometimes the BSOD can be repaired with some driver updates and sometimes it is a bad sector on your Hard Drive and you will need a new one.

The good news is that your data can still be saved. Most of the time a BSOD is a bad driver or a bad component that needs to be replaced. If it is your Hard Drive, we have a system available to back-up your current data so it can be saved.

Expanded Services

**$30 Computer Pick-up/Drop-off Service - $45 each additional hour of service. Most repairs are 3 hours or under**

baltimore website designSoftware / Hardware Repair or Installation - It's not easy getting into that computer and installing the proper hardware for upgrades or even understanding how to install new software, let alone making sure it is the right software for you. Our experienced techs. will come out to your place and install any hardware or software you desire. Most internal hardware repair and installation takes no more than 3 hours for a laptop and 2 hours for a desktop.

We can handle virtually anything hardware when it comes to computers. We do:

- Hard Drive Replacement
- Screen Replacement
- Motherboard Replacement
- Reflow
- Power Supply Replacement
- Power Jack Replacement
- Keyboard Replacement
- And much more....

Expanded Services
**$30 Computer Pick-up/Drop-off Service - $45 each additional hour of service. Most repairs are 3 hours or under**

$69 Laptop Screen Replacement
Hard Drive Clone & Install/Backup
Motherboard Replacement
$69 Video-Reflow Procedure
Desktop Power Supply Replacement
USB or Powerjack Replacement
$69 Windows/OS Repair
Dusting & Cleanup/With Service
Laptop Keyboard Replacement

baltimore website designSoftware Upgrades - What do you need? A new version of Windows? Upgrade to Microsoft Office? Most of the time, upgrading our software to the latest version streamlines things to better productivity and speed. Newer and better software is created everyday and we have the ability to make sure that your system stays current.

So, when you are ready to upgrade your Windows software or any other software program, give us a call. We are the experts.

Expanded Services
**$30 Computer Pick-up/Drop-off Service - $45 each additional hour of service. Most repairs are 3 hours or under**

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Hardware Upgrades - Need new Memory? A bigger Hard Drive? We have the ability to install and make sure that your system is capable of handling the Hardware upgrades your systems in order to reach "PEAK" performance.

Hard Drive Upgrade? We will backup your data or possibly even "CLONE" your hard drive, so that you will never loose your data or programs. Most of this is taken care of within the 2 hours service.

Expanded Services
**$30 Computer Pick-up/Drop-off Service - $45 each additional hour of service. Most repairs are 3 hours or under**

baltimore website designSecurity & Performance - How well is your computer protected? We can check for you and make sure your system is up-to-date. We can also clean up cluter and make your performance much better. Best of all, we come to you.

baltimore website designWireless Networking - Wireless can be tricky. It would be a good idea to encrypt your router. We can do this for you and make sure that every computer in your office or home is connected.

baltimore website designTune-Up - Just like a car, sometimes we get things in our computer that can clog and slow performance. Slow performance can cause lag time and make your computer freeze up.

baltimore website designSet-Up - Do you need some help? Wireless connection, cabling, etc. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing. We are here to make sure the job is done right and done right the first time.

baltimore website designEmail - Everyone needs email these days, it is a fact of life. Sometimes your ISP can rotate an IP, change ports, etc causing you to lose your incoming and outgoing mail. Let us check it out for you can we call your ISP and ask them the proper questions.

baltimore website designPrinter Help - Buffers? Which Toner? Network printer not working? What's the problem? Let us know and we can come out and fix it for you. Printers can be tricky and the way they communicate with the computer is even more tricky. Let the Hacker's take a crack at it.

baltimore website designBackup - I am sure you have heard people say "Back Up Your Work". Very true, but not everyone knows how to do this. Let the Hacker's show you the best way to backup your data and make sure that it is done on a schedule.

baltimore website designData Recovery - Your hard drive crashed and you cannot log back into your computer. You have sensitive data that you need ASAP. Call us, we can help recover your data and repair your computer back to factory specs.