About Hackers Ink - Meet The Team

Nothing says "Customer Service" Like Meet The Team. Here you will see and get to know the staff that will be working on your computer, IT Solution or Computer Sale.

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Eric C Smith (Director/Tech) - Eric is the "mastermind" behind the Hackers Ink Concept. For years Eric has worked on Website Development Projects, Graphic Development, Computer Repair & IT Solutions for hundreds of businesses across the country. With more than 15+ years of experience in programming, SEO and repair, Hackers Ink could not ask for a better leader.

He has proven time and time again that success is not measured in financial gain, but the impact you make on your surrounding communities. Which is why thousands return to Hackers Ink for their computer repair and every computer need.

Eric lives in Columbia, Maryland, is married and has two small boys. He enjoys golfing, wrestling with his sons and working overtime.


Keith Hoskins (Business Manager/Customer Service Rep) - Keith joined the team in early 2010 and brings in the "TRUE MEANING" of Customer Service. With a strong Customer Service and Management background he is the perfect fit to speak with the customers and let them know what is going on in the Customer Language (Not Tech Language).

Every Customer loves this approach and specifically ask for him when calling. With the philosophy of "A wise man learns from his mistakes, but a wiser man learns from other making mistakes", he is the perfect front for our ongoing Customer Service Program.

Keith lives in Harford County, is married and has a son. He enjoys reading, playing golf and speaking with people.


Yuriy Blat (Level 3 Hacker Tech) - Yuriy is the "Go-To Man" for virtually all major computer repair problems. With multiple certifications and experience, Yuriy is the one Tech you want working on your hardware problems. He can take a laptop apart, solder a motherboard and put the laptop back together in about 3 hours flat.

He currently attends college and has aspirations in the computer field and developing newer and more exciting technologies.

He enjoys attending school, partying and hangin' out with the guys!


Denisa Kralikova Smith (Marketing) - When it comes to research and implementing new marketing techniques, Denisa is the BEST! She has put Hackers Ink in some of the strangest places you would think wouldn't work, but they do. Many people have asked us to return to some of these "functions" again and again.

She is a firm believer in the truth and will ALWAYS thing "outside the box" on every detail.

Denisa is married and enjoys playing with her children, shopping and going for nice long quite walks..and the beach.